LOWA ACTIVE Team Fritz Miller

Living a dream

Fritz Miller has been fascinated by the mountains since his early childhood. The native of the southern German city of Reutling has always viewed climbing and moun­tain­eering as the essence of life. He didn’t take the sport so seriously at first, but then as a teenager Miller picked out a few cliffs in the Swabian Jura mountain range in southern Germany as training areas and turned his childhood dreams into a reality.

As time passed, he extended his range to the Alps, not only to climb, but also to go moun­tain­eering and skiing. But his sport was still nothing more than a time-consuming hobby to him. Fritz earned a living as a mechat­ronics engineer in a factory. But the pull of the mountains grew stronger and stronger, so he simply quit his job in 2007. He spent four months so intensively training his body and himself during climbs and moun­tain­eering excursions that he was promptly selected as a member of the expedition team of the German Alpine Club.

As the next logical step in his life and as a way to achieve his dream, he began a mountain-guide training programme a year later. Ever since then, he has helped his clients turn their small and large mountain dreams into realities and has developed a fondness for leading chal­lenging high-altitude tours in the western Alps. Fritz also works as a climbing trainer and has even on the side published a textbook about slack­lining.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Reut­lingen and Sulzberg in Allgäu
Offi­cially certified mountain and ski guide
Favourite climbing site:
Swabian Jura
Local mountain:
Achalm near Reut­lingen and Grünten in Allgäu
1,85 m
78 kg

Fritz Miller,
Do you have a role model?

“No. But there are certainly people whom I look up to. Those are people who really have something going for them and who still keep their feet on the ground.”

What are your athletic goals?

“There are all sorts of ideas and goals. But my main goal is: to survive and remain down to earth.”

Do you have any tips for young climbers?

“Be patient. Your time will come, as long as you don’t wreck yourself beforehand.”

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