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Image photo with the KAZAN II GTX, Winter-Image FTNS

Walking in a Winterwonderland

Cosying up on the sofa under your favourite blanket and sipping a hot, spiced punch or baking cookies with the entire family – many people like to stay comfortably tucked inside their warm homes once winter sets in. There is certainly much to experience and discover as well. Anyone who wants to set off on a stroll during the winter should keep a few small things in mind. We have compiled some of these helpful tips for you. | Lisää

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The most charming answer to bitter cold. BARINA III GTX Ws

for Women

Small tricks, big payoffs

Rain, snow, slush – when nature gives us the cold shoulder each year, the weather rarely tempts to head outside and enjoy sun-filled days that remind us of autumn or peaceful winter wonderlands. Rather, we and, above all, our footwear encounter this or that challenge every day. But there are a few helpful gimmicks you can use to help you overcome these daily inconveniences. They are all based on the motto of “small tricks, big payoffs”. | Lisää

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Sporty and functional through the frosty time of the year OTTAWA GTX

for Women for Men

Schneeschuhtour Brunnenberg,
Riesengebirge, Tschechien.

A freezing experience

Hiking in winter?
Yes, you read that correctly! Even if rainy autumn storms are announcing the end of summer, that is no reason to put your affinity with nature on hold until the following spring. The fourth season offers plenty of advantages: things are quieter, and the sun is not quite so relentless. Anybody who is too tempted to spend the winter on the sofa is missing out on wonderful adventures. | Lisää


Corporate Responsibility

You will find few industries that are linked so closely to nature as the outdoor industry. This is why corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability have become increasingly important in recent years and have also been incorporated into LOWA’s company philosophy. | Lisää

Find your shoe

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LO&WA Winter Iglu

Kids’ corner

Our children’s corner will provide you will all sorts of interesting information about the siblings LO & WA and their friend, the peregrine falcon LOWINGO. See for yourself, discover where the friends love to hang out and hear about all of their adventures! | Lisää