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In urban environments, the boundaries between modern city life and a spontaneous experience of nature are becoming increasingly blurred. Two worlds are merging into one: time for a new, hybrid generation of outdoor footwear that meets these precise requirements. | Lisää


Packed with the dna of an outdoor shoe. MALTA GTX MID Ws

for Women for Men

Image photo with the LOWA FUSION® LO Ws, EVERYDAY Summer

Because we know how to thread the needle. LOWA FUSION® LO

for Women for Men

Image photo with the BADIA GTX Ws, ATS und Frauenshooting Benjamin Pfitscher


Small exploits and tons of fun – you will find all sorts of exciting ideas for your next microadventure right here. No matter whether you will be heading off by yourself, as a twosome or with your entire family or whether you will be discovering a city or venturing out into nature – you can let your creativity explore its endless dimensions! | Lisää


Corporate Responsibility

You will find few industries that are linked so closely to nature as the outdoor industry. This is why corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability have become increasingly important in recent years and have also been incorporated into LOWA’s company philosophy. | Lisää

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Kids’ corner

Our children’s corner will provide you will all sorts of interesting information about the siblings LO & WA and their friend, the peregrine falcon LOWINGO. See for yourself, discover where the friends love to hang out and hear about all of their adventures! | Lisää