Finally at the top – at 10 p.m.

First ascent of the Zugspitze’s North Wall

Fritz Miller and Michaela Schuster opened a new test route on Germany’s highest mountain: the “Direct North Wall”.


Martin Feistl and Sven Brand climbing 24 hours of freedom on the north face of Sagwand.

24 hours of freedom

In mid-November 2020 Martin Feistl and Sven Brand in Valsertal, Austria, made the first ascent of 24 hours of freedom …


200 years ago was the first ascent of the Zugspitze

From the Höllental valley to the summit of the Zugspitze

LOWA partner Ralf Stute talks about climbing Germany’s highest mountain on the route that leads through the Höllental valley

The tour on the Höllental via ferrata [via-ferrata.de] is the “classic” route, so to speak, to the summit of the …


Shared joy at the summit.

Fingertips & Pedals

Two women, 600 kilometres, 18,000 metres elevation, six rock faces and one month: The two German Alpinists Caro North …


Jaqueline with her companion dog Loui.

A rosy dream come true

On one leg from Lake Maggiore through the Val Grande National Park up to the high-alpine peak of the Monte Rosa Massif.


A dream comes true

From seeking a dream to finding it

When it comes to dreams, ideas and desires, what happens is usually pretty similar. They develop slowly and sometimes …


Simon Gietel climbing the Pandora route.

Pandora – Mother nature’s gift

South Tyrolean alpinist and LOWA PRO Team athlete Simon Gietl gifted himself a very special Christmas present in …


A sea of white

18 Hours

The first non-stop ascent of Cerro Largo

LOWA PRO Team athlete Robert Jasper’s expedition last year took him to a sea of white – Patagonia’s ice sheet. Together …


All around us the Tien Shan mountains are indescribably gorgeous. The Pik Pobeda in the south and the huge glacier all around us is breathtaking.

The Matterhorn of the Tien Shan mountains

So diverse are the people, so varied too are their holiday destinations. Our Service Department director and LOWA PRO …


Waiting for the weather to change

With sunny regards from Pakistan

Brand spanking new on the LOWA PRO Team and already out on an expedition. Simon Gietl from South Tyrol is off once …


Luis Stitzinger at the top of Mount Everest

Expedition to Mount Everest

Luis Stitzinger, a LOWA-PRO-Team athlete and an officially certified mountain and ski guide, was part of a guided …


Hans Kammerlander returns to the mountain that shaped his destiny.

Manaslu – Mountain of the Spirit

Hans Kammerlander – the name alone generates respect among Alpinists. In 1996, this once-in-a-century Alpinist and a …