2018_Outdoormädchen_Che Guevara Klettersteig


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Che Guevara via ferrata One of the most beautiful via ferratas for advanced climbing fans

Long, ambitious and sunny via ferrata
Start of the tour:
End of the tour:
Monte Casale
08:00 hours
13 km
1.811 m
1.811 m
climbing equipment, a lot to drink, helmet

For the love of the challenge: The Che Guevara is one tough nut to crack, but it is still my favourite via ferrata because I find the wall to be so adven­turesome and chal­lenging. I simply have to kneel down before it in awe. I really wanted to tackle the Che Guevara via ferrata because it has a rock face called “Tiramisu corner”. The rock edge itself would be nothing to write home about if somebody had not painted the word “Tiramisu” on it. This word on the rock conjured up visions of the treat to my mind. For the rest of the climb and the descent, I could think of nothing else but enjoying a big piece of Italian Tiramisu once I was done. Or would you have worked off all of the calories from a slice of Tiramisu by the time you reached this point?