Tech­no­logies for Climbing Getting to know the rock.

Bouldern in Africa

Alpine climbing, athletic climbing on rocks or in the hall, boul­­dering and free soloing – climbing is performed in the widest range of ways. The primary goal is not really the athletic aspect of the activity. Rather, it’s the overall experience or the scaling of a wall or the completion of a route that counts.
No matter whether you are indoors or out on Alpine terrain: Good grip, precision and perfect fit are essential when someone selects a pair of climbing and boul­­dering shoes.

Ice and mixed climbing Precision for frozen worlds.

Image photo with the ALPINE ICE GTX®, Eiskletterevent Kom Saigurn

“Precision and depend­ability are top priority in the supreme discipline of moun­tain­eering.”

Rudi Hauser | LOWA PRO Team

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Insu­lation Boots designed for ice and mixed climbing are outfitted with insu­lation made of GORE-TEX or Prim­aLoft®.

Crampon welts Anyone who traverses icy or mixed terrain needs crampon-compatible boots. LOWA ice-climbing boots have permanently affixed crampons or are designed to accept fully automatic crampons.

Sole rigidity Boots with a torsionally stable sole play a very important role in a wearer’s ability to maintain stable footing while using crampons. This takes the load off foot muscles and combats fatigue.

Other tech­no­logies for Ice and mixed climbing:

Resoling LOWA boots sold in the MOUN­TAIN­EERING and TREKKING categories are designed in a way during the devel­opment phase that they can be resoled. This process will extend their service life and make a strong contri­bution to sustain­ability.

ANATOMICAL FIT The midsole has been specially adapted to the anatomy of the foot.

Prim­aLoft® 400 The high-tech insu­lation Prim­aLoft® 400 is a world-class synthetic insu­lating material made of polyester (400 g/m²).

WOMEN LAST Lasts specially adapted to the anatomy of women’s feet.

SLINGSHOT Stretched rubber, a feature taken from the realm of climbing, improves heel fit.

GORE-TEX DURATHERM Footwear equipped with the GORE-TEX DURATHERM membrane comes with a warm, waterproof and breathable lining.

Prim­aLoft® 200 The high-tech insu­lation Prim­aLoft® 200 is a world-class synthetic insu­lating material made of polyester (200 g/m²).