What should parents keep in mind when they buy chil­dren’s shoes?

LOWA has always devoted a lot of product devel­opment effort to the chil­dren’s footwear segment. For example, a special last that provides more space in the toe area is used to make all chil­dren’s shoes. Children require this space at the front of their shoes to ensure the healthy growth of their feet. That’s because chil­dren’s bone tissue is not yet fully developed, and their ligaments are still signi­ficantly more elastic. They also experience consid­erably less pain, because their nerves have not yet matured.

If parents ask a child in a shoe shop whether a shoe is too big or too small, it can be difficult to get an answer. Children can bunch their toes together without it being uncom­fortable or painful.

By removing the insole, parents can determine if the shoe’s length and width are correct for their child’s feet. Parents should regularly check their chil­dren’s shoes to ensure that they have not outgrown them.

Image photo with the CADIN GTX LO, 2021_Dr. Micha Bahr

“Children should enjoy exer­cising. They should be keen on going outdoors. Unfor­tu­nately, there are more and more children with an unsteady gait. That’s why I regard it as important that they wear good shoes. They should enjoy walking.”

Dr. Micha Bahr