LO und WA sowie LOWINGO

LOWA radio play for children a great success

06.04.2020 | When it comes to bringing children closer to the joy of nature, LOWA has been relying on its own magazine – the “LO & WA Adventure Booklet” – for several years now. In a comic strip, the siblings LO and WA and the peregrine falcon LOWINGO experience countless adventures and learn all kinds of things about faraway countries, different culture and nature. Since March, one of the stories has also been available as a radio play for free download.

The exciting series of radio plays kicks off with an audio version of the first issue, which was published in print in the spring of 2016. The radio play is about getting to know LO, WA and the peregrine falcon LOWINGO and is a vivid narration of the beginning of the adventure series. A complete success! Within the first two months, the radio play has already been down­loaded over 500 times. In Switzerland, too, this listening adventure is very popular. Two students have integrated the story into their home lessons. When they were given the task to create a graffiti, LOWA imme­diately sprung to mind. The result is truly impressive.