Tips for strolling through the woods and fields The proper way to explore nearby natural settings

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

A forest on the edge of town or a meadow just around the corner – quite often, we do not need to travel far to enjoy the wonders of nature. You can frequently enjoy the pleasures of nearby natural settings simply by going for a long walk. But you need to keep a few things in mind in order to protect the local coun­tryside.

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

Be careful! Apply proper etiquette in the woods

The woods are the home to all sorts of flora and fauna. They also play a key role for humans in terms of the envir­onment and climate. For this reason, we must always be consciously aware of the relevance of the woods and observe certain rules and prohib­itions while we explore nature.

When you set off on your next stroll through the woods, you will come across the widest range of animals and encounter other strollers as well. You should always remember that the forest is the home to rabbits, deer and many other animals. You should act accordingly and respect the animals’ habitat. This always means that you should not disturb their peace and quiet. Enjoy the wonderful atmo­sphere of the forest, stay on its paths and observe the animals from a distance.

Extra tip: Follow the instructions of the forest ranger

Timber harvesting, hunting and protection of nature and animals – there is always plenty to do in a forest. A forest ranger oversees the frequently dangerous work that is done in the area. Remember during your next stroll in the woods to avoid hindering the work being done there and to observe the instruction of the forest ranger and his or her assistants.

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Enjoy Tips for a great picnic and for the cleanup afterwards

A stroll or hike through the woods and across fields can be a strenuous activity, depending on the distance and weather. For this reason, you should always take along some provisions or a reward. A picnic in nature is the perfect solution. You can enjoy your treats while sitting on a wooden bench you find along the way. You can build a fire and even camp out in designated areas. But before you do so, you should check on the rules that apply because many areas impose different regu­lations and prohib­itions related to envir­on­mental protection.

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    Recipe tip: Daisies
    If you happen to have taken a salad along with you, you can really enliven it by adding a few daisies you have found during your stroll. These flowers are edible and brimming with healthy vitamins. Just collect a few blooms or leaves, splash some water on them and then toss them into your fresh salad.
    But remember: The roots are not edible. You should also not eat any daisies you find along heavily travelled roads, in industrial areas or in places located near chem­ically sprayed fields. These daisies may be contam­inated.

  2. Picnic tip: Reusable containers
    Pack your provisions in such reusable containers as lunchboxes. You can simply take them home with you when you are done and will leave behind no waste at all.

  3. Picnic tip: Dispose of your waste properly
    This is actually something that should go without saying. Naturally, it also applies not just when you venture out into a nearby natural surrounding. You should place beverage containers, packaging paper and other waste in bins along the way or take them home with you.

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Trail etiquette Stay on marked paths and observe the signs

As a rule, anyone is free to roam about nature and recharge their batteries. But you have to keep a few rules in mind. Things like staying on marked paths and following the instructions displayed on signs to promote animal welfare. Fawns and other wild animals will frequently lie down on fields alone and will often be unne­ces­sarily startled by reckless behaviour. For this reason, dogs must always be kept on a leash and should not be allowed to run free. If you have something like a picnic in mind, you should stay away from private property, pastures used for grazing or farmers’ fields.

Please remember: Even though you may have the right to roam the coun­tryside, farmers will hardly jump for joy if they see you tramping across their fields during certain months of the year. Walkers should remain on paths located on farmed land during the period that is called “usage time” in Germany. Usage time is considered to be the period between planting or cultivation and harvest. For pastures, it applies to the period of plant growth. Walkers can cause consider damage to pastures if they frequently cross them. Walkers who step on hay during its initial period of devel­opment will inhibit its growth. Hay trampled on by walkers shortly before it is cut will squash the crop, preventing it from being completely cut. For these reasons, you definitely should not walk on agri­cultural land during the vegetation period, that is from March to September.